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Need a Close Shave? How to Use a Straight Razor

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A straight razor has been used for centuries to help men shave their facial and neck hair. This popular method of shaving is used most often today by professional barbers, but any man can use a straight razor at home. In order for this kind of razor to work properly, it must be regularly maintained to not only be safe to use but also so it will provide a close shave. Read More»

Purchasing A Rolling Duffel Bag: What To Look For

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Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, a short distance or across the pond, one thing is certain–you’ll need some type of luggage. But step into any store’s baggage section, and it will soon become clear that a multitude of sizes, shapes, materials, and options exist that can quickly become overwhelming to a shopper. If, however, you are looking for something durable, flexible, and efficient, look no further than the ubiquitous wheeled duffel bag. Read More»

Baby Costumes: Not Just For Halloween Anymore

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Your baby may be small, but that didn’t stop you from going trick-or-treating. While your little one might have been too young for candy, going door to door had a different perk: it gave everyone the chance to fawn over your infant in an adorable baby costume. Now that Halloween is over, you may feel that the opportunity for costumes has come and gone, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Read on for some great chances to dress your baby up for other occasions. Read More»

Combating Winter Blahs? Try Using A Salt Lamp To Introduce Negative Ions To Your Environment

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Do you struggle with a lack of energy or a “low” mood in the winter months? Consider adding negative ions to your environment, as a natural way of lifting your mood, and improving your health. Read more to learn why negative ions are important, and what you can do to get more into the air around you. Why Are Negative Ions Important? Essentially, negative ions make you feel better. Negative ions are molecules in the air around you that have lost an electrical charge. Read More»