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Baby Costumes: Not Just For Halloween Anymore

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Your baby may be small, but that didn't stop you from going trick-or-treating. While your little one might have been too young for candy, going door to door had a different perk: it gave everyone the chance to fawn over your infant in an adorable baby costume. Now that Halloween is over, you may feel that the opportunity for costumes has come and gone, but you couldn't be more wrong. Read on for some great chances to dress your baby up for other occasions. 

Christmas Cards

Of course you want to send out cards to family and friends all over the globe and of course you want those cards to feature your tiny tot. And while any picture of your little one is worth sharing, Christmas cards are a great time to break out the costumes. Consider:

  • a Christmas angel
  • a tiny Santa
  • a darling reindeer
  • a cute elf

You can use holiday props, of course, but even on a plain backdrop, your little one in a Christmas costume is the perfect way to mail some holiday cheer far and wide.

Professional Photography

Schedule a portrait session with your favorite photographer and inquire about some baby costumes he/she may have. It's a trend in infant photography to put your little one in delicate costumes, such as 

  • a ladybug
  • a snail
  • a flower in a flower pot (this works great with a big flower headband on your baby girl)
  • a super hero
  • a princess
  • a dragon
  • a mermaid
  • your favorite cartoon mouse
  • a dragon
  • a woodland creature

If your photographer doesn't have any costumes he/she prefers to use, ask if you can bring your own. Brainstorm with your photographer about how to incorporate your costume into the photo session using props, backgrounds and locations.

Birthday Parties

When your baby turns one, you'll probably throw a party and what better way to play out a theme than the perfect baby costume? Consider some of the things your little one loves. Does he/she love the zoo? How about a zoo keeper costume or his/her favorite animal? Or perhaps dress him/her up as a favorite character from a book or television program. It's even possible to dress the whole family up in costumes to match the theme and invite your guests to dress in costume as well.

These days, costumes are for so much more than Halloween. With a little creativity and imagination, you can work costumes into almost any event.