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Bring Home Hawaii's Culture With These Hawaiian Souveniers

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Hawaii is known for its unique culture, and it's easy to bring that culture home with you from Hawaii. If you're looking for Hawaiian souvenirs that will help you remember the sights, tastes, and sounds of the islands, here are some good choices.

A Bag of Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is coffee from Kona, Hawaii, and it's unlike any other coffee. The unique climate, northern latitude and volcanic soil on the islands are well-suited for growing coffee, and they produce coffees that taste different from all other coffees in the world.

Because Kona coffee is so special, it's often more expensive than other coffees. If you'd like to bring home a bag of Kona coffee but can't afford a pound or even a half-pound of pure Kona coffee, look for a blend that's partially Kona coffee. You'll still get to enjoy the taste and fragrance of Hawaiian coffee, but it'll be much less expensive because it'll be blended with more affordable coffees.

A CD of Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian music is laid back. It's relaxing to listen to. If you have a CD of Hawaiian music, you'll put it on time and again when you want to chill out and remember the good times you had on the islands.

If you see a musical group in Hawaii, ask if they sell CDs. Many have at least one, if not several, CDs for sale.

If you don't see a particular group while on the islands, pick up a CD of Hawaiian hits. No matter what your musical tastes are, there will be several songs you'll love. After all, the songs on these CDs are hits for a reason -- lots of other people loved the songs.

A Print of Hawaiian Artwork

Hawaii has a rich culture of artwork, dating back to when the indigenous people were the only ones on the islands. Displaying a print of Hawaiian artwork in your home will not only remind you of your trip, but it can also diversify your art collection and make it unique. Few people have Hawaiian artwork as part of their art collection.

When looking for a print of Hawaiian artwork, don't worry about whether the work or artist who made it is famous. Simply look for something that you like. It's a souvenir and not an investment, after all. A lesser-known work might cost less than a famous piece, and you don't need to worry about resale value.

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