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Gold Coins: Buying Gold as an Investment

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When you want to invest in gold, purity matters. The two main gold coins purchased by investors in the United States for their purity are the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins. Both are well established as being high in gold purity, and they are easy to buy and sell using a precious metals dealer. When the markets are unstable, and you aren't sure where to invest your money, gold is generally a safe bet. If you are nervous about investing, and you want to diversify your portfolio, buying some gold can help stabilize your portfolio and keep your investments from tanking.

Gold Retains Value over the Long Term

While gold prices may fluctuate, gold itself only continues to rise in value over the long term. You may have to do some research and wait for gold prices to dip a little before purchasing, but, overall, gold is a solid investment. When you are saving for your retirement, gold is a wise choice. It is always recommended that, if you buy gold as an investment, to wait at least three years before you sell the gold again. 

Fluctuations in the Price of Gold Means Little to the Long-Term Investor

You don't invest in gold to get rich quick. Gold takes years to rise in value, and this is why it is a good investment for those looking to supplement their retirement years. While the price of gold may go up and down within a year, the overall expectation is that the value of gold today is going to be lower than the value of gold ten years from now. As a precious metal, gold is only going to continue to become more precious. 

Invest in One-Ounce Coins

Gold coins come in several denominations, one-ounce, half-ounce, a quarter-ounce, and one-tenth of an ounce. Based on price per ounce, the one-ounce coin is your best investment. For example, if a once-ounce gold coin is $10, two half-ounce coins might cost you $12. You will end up paying more for one ounce of gold when you buy coins that are smaller than one ounce in size.

When you are investing in gold coins, stay away from antique gold coins, as the value fluctuates based on rarity, condition, and purity of the gold. If you aren't a collector, stick with the gold coins that you can identify and that have a proven purity. Talk to a company like Palace Jewelry & Loan that specializes in buying and selling gold for more information.