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Are You Caring for Your Jeans the Right Way? 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

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When it comes to clothing, nothing is more versatile than jeans. Whether you're performing some yard work or going out for a night on the town, a pair of jeans can get the job done in style. To keep your jeans looking crisp and to get the most wear out of them, make sure you know how to care for them the right way.

Don't Wash Just Yet

When you take your clothes off at the end of the day, you likely toss them into the dirty clothes hamper to get washed with the next load. Unless you were performing some strenuous activity in your jeans or they are especially dirty, such as covered in dirt – it's not time to wash them just yet.

In terms of maintaining the quality of the denim, it's best to only spot clean and save laundering for when you've worn them several times or for when they are too dirty to simply spot clean. To perform spot cleaning, all you need is a mild soap and damp cloth.

Wash with Care

Denim jeans don't exactly make you think delicate cycle, but it is still important to wash your jeans with care. First, check your pockets, and, if your jeans are cuffed, uncuff them. Even a small piece of colored paper left in a pocket can cause staining, and any dirt trapped in the cuff will remain unless it's unfolded.

You also want to turn your jeans inside out to prevent any fading. Additionally, avoid adding an extra spin to the wash cycle and keep the water cool to prevent fading.

Give Them Some Air

Always wash your jeans when you aren't looking to wear them right away so that you can skip the dryer. Think of the dryer as a denim attacker. First, as heavy as denim is, high heat levels can break down the fabric, leading to thin areas that can easily rip.

The dryer can also accelerate shrinkage, causing you to toss out your jeans or give them away prematurely. When you air dry your jeans, you avoid fabric breakdown and shrinkage. Just remember that, if you plan to air dry them outside, turn them inside out to prevent any fading from the sun.

Think of your jeans as a long-term investment. The more effort you put into caring for them, the more wear you will get. Always keep proper care in mind. Check out retailers like American Made Jeans by All USA Clothing that specialize in denim for more tips.