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Throw an Amazing Superhero Party for Your Son By Having Custom Superhero Capes Made for the Party Guests

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When you want to throw a great birthday party for your son, it is important to do whatever you can to make it unique and memorable for him. A great way to make his party as great as it can be is to have a superhero-themed party. All of the children can dress up as superheroes, and the adults can be the villains. A great gift to give to each child is their own custom-made superhero cape and mask. The guide below walks you through the process of ordering custom superhero capes in bulk.

Determine How Long You Want the Capes to Be

You first need to take the time to determine how long you want the capes to be. Consider how tall most of the children are and choose a length that is four to five inches shorter than their height. This will ensure that no one's cape gets stepped on accidentally throughout the party.

Determine How You Want the Capes to Fasten

You need to determine whether you want the capes to fasten using snaps, hook and loop fasteners, or just simple ties. Hook and loop fasteners may be the easiest for kids to use on their own, ties allow the length to be adjusted as needed for each child, and the snaps will keep the capes in place regardless of how rough the children play.

Determine What Colors You Want the Capes to Be

When choosing the color for the capes, it is important to consider the children that will be coming to the party. You may want to choose a few colors that are not primarily designated as being boyish colors, if you plan to have girls at the party. Having a variety of colors will allow each child to choose what color they want for their cape. Blue, red, yellow, and orange are colors that are great for a party where there will be both boys and girls present enjoying the fun.

Be sure to order the capes a month or two before the party so that they have plenty of time to arrive before the big day arrives. You can make great masks for the kids to wear out of felt and use ribbon to tie them in place so that the kids can wear them or take them off as needed. Be sure to write each child's name on the bottom underside of the cape when they choose their cape so that there is no fighting about which cape belongs to which child at the end of the party.