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Three Ways To Make Money With Jewelry

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Everybody wants to know how to make a little more money. Some people want extra cash and others are looking for ways to quit their full time job and have the ability to control their own lives. A common bit of advice for people that are looking for the right career path is to find what they love to do. Finding careers that are exciting and fun to the individual makes it easier to spend the effort and time needed to make themselves financially successful. Nearly anything can develop into a profitable side job and eventually a career if it is done correctly. People with a love of gold and jewelry and the willingness to become very knowledgeable about the subject have this same potential. Here are three ways to begin building a jewelry-based career. 

Become a Designer

How to Make Money: Design and build a jewelry line. Hand made jewelry is a popular item and is sold through online websites, local craft fairs and at flea markets. Many locally-owned boutiques and salons will allow jewelry designers to install a display in their shops and social media sites make it possible to reach an endless amount of potential customers. 

How to Get Started: Begin by taking jewelry making classes to learn the basics. These are found online and at local adult education programs, through crafting studios and potentially through artistic friends. Going beyond basic jewelry making and becoming a metalsmith and working with precious gems may mean procuring an apprenticeship with a jeweler to learn all the details of the trade. 

Learn to Resell

How to Make Money: Buying and selling requires extensive knowledge about metals and gems as well as designers. A re-seller must be able to identify the type of metals and jewels they are seeing as well as competently determine the quality of the stones. They must also be aware of current metal costs and be familiar enough with the market to generally identify when prices will rise or drop.

How to Get Started: Shop yard sales, thrift shops, and estate sales to find product. Search through old jewelry boxes and drawers at home and talk to friends and family about selling their items for them. Sell designer items and high-value jewelry online or through other private sales and bulk-sell broken jewelry, loose gems and gold and silver to gold buyers. These are often pawn shop operators or jewelry shops that offer cash, cash loans, or credit for trade for any precious metal or gems with value. 

Rent Your Collection

How to Make Money: Every woman has an occasion where they want flashy, beautiful jewelry for a single evening. Proms, weddings and lavish corporate events means choosing a gorgeous gown, buying shoes, and spending a few hours at a salon. Jewelry worn for this type of event is wasted money when it is purchased because it is generally worn once and then remains in a jewelry box for years until thrown out or given away. Renting offers a more affordable, and less wasteful, opportunity.

How to Get Started: Invest in some very lovely, high-end jewelry sets as well as beautiful pieces of good quality costume jewelry. Have all of the valuable items insured and hire a lawyer to draw out rental contracts. Advertise in local papers, trade magazines and directly to high schools. Contact wedding planners, set up a booth at bridal shows, and build a relationship with the staff at bridal shops and local salons.

Owning a jewelry shop is not the only way to make a living from a love of jewelry. The ideas listed here are great on their own or can all be done at once. The best part is that all of them are easy to work on in the evening and on weekends to enable people to build up their business without the stress of quitting a job that is currently paying their bills. 

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