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Shopping for Traditional Souvenirs As You Tour Through Bucharest

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Having the opportunity to travel can help enrich your life. Many tourists enjoy commemorating their trips by shopping for souvenirs that reflect the culture and traditions of the area in which they have spent time visiting. 

If you are planning a trip to Bucharest in Romania, here are three items you should be watching for as you take a shopping tour through the city.

1. Beaded Jewelry

Romanian accessories have historically been kept simple in an effort to merely highlight a woman's beauty, not detract from it. During your stay in Bucharest, you will want to seek out artisans who still create traditional beaded jewelry items. 

Be sure to invest in a lătiţar if you want to take home an authentic piece of Romanian jewelry. The lătiţar is a thin strip of velvet (about an inch wide) onto which small seed beads are sewn in simple designs. The velvet bands can be worn as necklaces, headbands, or bracelets.

2. Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout Romania, and the people's love for this holiday can be seen in the hand-painted eggs that date back centuries. Skilled artists in each village would spend a significant amount of time carefully draining each egg and then painting intricate designs onto the fragile shells.

Traditional hand-painted Romanian Easter eggs typically feature three to four colors: red to symbolize love, black to symbolize eternity, yellow to symbolize youth, and green to symbolize nature and the outdoors. Bringing home some hand-painted eggs bearing crosses, stars, or animal motifs will help you remember your trip to Bucharest. Be sure that you invest in some sturdy packaging and stow your eggs in your carry-on bag to prevent them from breaking on the return trip home.

3. Horezu Ceramics

Just as artists invest time into the intricate decoration of Easter eggs, a significant amount of effort is spent crafting pottery items known as Horezu ceramics. The art of making Horezu ceramics is passed from one generation to the next among Romanian families, and both men and women play an important role in the creation of each piece. 

The men extract the clay and shape the ceramic items while the women decorate each item using specialized techniques and traditional motifs. Bringing home a piece of Horezu pottery will help you incorporate an authentic piece of Romanian culture into your life when you return home from your trip to Bucharest.

As you tour the city of Bucharest, be sure that you are shopping for souvenirs (like beaded jewelry, hand-painted Easter eggs, and Horezu ceramics) that represent the cultural traditions of the Romanian people. When you get home, you can continue purchasing pieces that are great for your home at establishments like Tri-County Mall.