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3 Tips To Help You Rent A Projector For Your Wedding Successfully

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The average American wedding costs $26,444. If the thought of spending so much to tie the knot causes you to take pause, renting a projector to display images and video could be a great way to reduce the cost of your reception.

Here are three tips that will help you get the most out of your rented wedding projector in the future.

1. Make sure that you will receive instruction on operating your rented equipment.

If you are planning to use a rented projector to display photographs or video of you and your new spouse at your reception, it's essential that you take the time to ensure that your rental company is willing to provide instruction on the proper setup and use of the projector.

Some common problems that users face when operating a projector include purple dots in the display picture, compatibility issues with computer equipment, and issues with image distortion. Working with an equipment rental company to learn how to properly operate your rented projector will prevent these issues from ruining your reception.

2. Make sure that you will be able to contact someone from the rental company directly on your wedding day.

Even with extensive instruction on the proper use of a rented projector prior to your wedding day, there is always the possibility that the projector will not work properly once it has been set up at the reception site.

Asking your rental company for the direct contact information of a representative with the knowledge needed to troubleshoot your projector can ensure that you are able to display your photos and videos as planned by having a representative help you, even if your reception will be held outside of traditional business hours.

3. Make sure that setup is included in your rental costs.

Setting up a room to accommodate the images and video displayed by a projector can be challenging. If you aren't familiar with the elements that can affect your rented projector's performance, it can be beneficial to ask your rental company to complete the setup of your projector at your reception site.

Factors like ceiling height, screen type, and placement, and audience viewing distance can affect the quality of a projected image. Having a professional set up your rented projector will help ensure that the visual aspects of your reception will be as clear as possible.

Renting a projector for your reception can be a great way to affordably share images and video with your guests. Be sure that your rental company is willing to provide training, access to representative assistance, and set up, so that your projected images will enhance the quality of your reception, not detract from it. For more information on commercial rental equipment, contact a company in your area.