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2 Ways To Raise Money To Buy New Playground Equipment For Your School

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Purchasing new playground equipment for your school can be exciting, yet it can also be extremely expensive. If your school doesn't have enough cash to do this, you will need to come up with ways to raise the necessary money. Here are two ideas you could use that may help you gather enough money to make this purchase.

1. Apply for a grant.

Grants are available for playground equipment, but you must apply for them. Some of these grants are available through private organizations, while others are federal grants. The applications required for grants vary; however, you must usually write a paper explaining the purpose for the request and the plans you have.

This process can take some time though, so you should start early. Look into your options and begin completing the requirements as soon as possible. Here are some tips as you begin this process:

  • Make sure you choose grants your school is eligible for.
  • Fill out all forms completely and accurately.
  • Hire a professional writer to help you complete the application, if necessary.
  • Turn in all forms by deadlines.

If you can get approved for a grant, you could potentially raise enough money to purchase all the equipment you need.

2. Host a fundraising event.

Another way to raise money for new playground equipment is to host a fundraising event. This could be any type of fundraiser, and it could include multiple fundraisers. Here are some ideas:

  • Sell things such as candles, candy, or baked goods – Send the forms home with all students and encourage them to sell as many items as possible. Look for fundraisers that offer a 50% profit, or more.
  • Car wash – Choose a day and set up a car wash at your school. Make sure you have water hoses, buckets, soap, and sponges for the kids to use to wash cars that come to the car wash.
  • Walking for cash – You could ask students to get sponsors for walking. For example, they could ask for dollar amounts in general, or they could ask for a certain amount (such as $5.00 per mile walked).
  • Silent auction – If you ask local businesses and parents for donations, you could set up a silent auction at school. This would be 100% profit if everything was donated.
  • Dinner or breakfast event – Setting up a meal event is always a good way to raise money, and the students could work at the event serving food and cleaning up.
  • Rummage sale – Asking parents to donate old, unwanted items is another idea. Everything you sell would be pure profit towards your playground equipment.

There are literally hundreds of ways to raise money, and you can choose the ideas that you think would work well for your organization.

Any type of fundraising event can help you reach your goal if you plan it thoroughly and run it properly. If you host several events throughout the year, you may raise enough cash to buy the new playground equipment you hoped for.