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3 Situations When Custom Picture Framing Is Very Beneficial

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While pre-made picture frames are often great for framing standard pictures, there are special pictures and other items that sometimes need more of a customized frame. In this type of a situation, you are likely going to want to have the picture frame custom made so that it can meet your needs. This article will discuss 3 situations when custom picture framing can be very beneficial for you. 

Shadow Box

One reason why you may need to have a custom picture frame is if you are creating a shadow box. Unlike regular frames, a shadow box is going to need a boxed space within the frame that you can fill with special items. This could be rocks that you have been collecting, different pieces of jewelry that you treasure, or whatever item you would like to keep and preserve. The shadow box can be custom made to fit the dimensions of your items, and you can also choose whatever materials you would like the actual frame part of the shadow box to be made of, whether it be wood, metal, or any other material that you'd like. You can also have the shadow box completely made out of glass and can have different designs cut into the glass. 

Sport's Jersey

Another item that you may need to have a custom picture frame made for is a sport's jersey. If you have a sport's jersey that is either signed by a professional or is your own personal jersey that you wore, then you likely want to preserve and display this jersey. In order to do this, you are going to need to have a picture frame that is a bit larger and that also has a little bit of a hollow area inside for your jersey to be placed. When it comes to creating this picture frame, you will likely even have the option of having the jersey put in for you to ensure that it looks just how you would like it to and stays in place even when the frame is being finished up. 

Hand Painted Picture

If you or someone you loved has painted a hand painted picture, then this is a treasure that you likely want to frame forever. One reason for getting a custom frame for this hand painted picture is to ensure that the frame fits the picture perfectly. The other reason is that you will likely treasure this item so much that you want a specialized frame, that you get to create yourself, to put the picture inside of. 

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