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Children's Sporting Goods That Can Command Top Dollar At A Pawn Shop

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The rapid speed at which your children grow can mean that you're not only constantly buying new clothing for them, but that you're picking up new sporting goods if they're active athletes. Replacing much of a child's gear for any given sport can expensive, especially if you're doing so season after season. However, the saving grace is that you can take some of the gear that no longer fits and get some money for it at a pawn shop — and then use that money to buy some secondhand sports gear in good condition at the shop. Many pawn shops have a sizable selection of sporting gear, and many parents shop the used market for their children. This means that there's often a high demand for several items, meaning you can get a good price for some of these things that you sell. Here are some things that you can generally sell at a pawn shop like Maine Pawn Shop for good money.

Football Shoulder Pads

If you have a child who plays football, you'll often have the replace the shoulder pads each season. This is because the child has grown out of the pads, not because the pads are worn out. After just one year of use, children's football shoulder pads can retain a like-new appearance. The outer plastic shells shouldn't be scuffed, given that they're protected by the jersey, while the padded interior shouldn't have discolored significantly. In the case of a younger child who doesn't sweat profusely, the pads might smell fine, too. All this means that you'll be able to sell them for a good price at the pawn shop.

Ice Skates

Children who enjoy ice skating will often have to get new skates each year because of the rapid growth of their feet. This can leave their old skates in prime condition for selling at a pawn shop. For example, the durable exterior of the skates should often look like new, even after a season of use, while the interior isn't apt to smell because many children's feet don't sweat heavily in cold environments.

Composite Baseball Bats

As young baseball players age, the composite bats that they use will become obsolete. Older children will need longer, heavier bats, which will make the short and light bats from past seasons just gather dust in your garage. Young children seldom wear out their baseball bats. Because the bats are today made of composite materials, they're highly resistant to dents. Even if the outer edges are scratched from lying in the dirt at the baseball field, you'll typically get good money for these bats because the pawn shop will be able to sell them quickly.