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Preparing for Your Child's First Sleepover

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Young children often enjoy having sleepovers with their friends, but for parents, a child's first sleepover can be a scary thing. It's common for parents to worry about their children's safety, whether their child will be comfortable sleeping at another person's house, and whether their child has everything needed for an overnight visit. To give yourself peace of mind, take some time to make sure your child is prepared for his or her first sleepover.

Talking to Your Child

If you're concerned about whether or not your child is ready to attend a sleepover, you should talk to your child about it. Typically, children who beg and beg to go are fine with sleeping over at their friend's house. However, if your child is a bit timid, you should talk about any concerns he or she has about the sleepover. It's common for children to be anxious about sleepovers because they are worried about small details such as not liking what's served for dinner or what you'll be doing while the child is away. Whatever your child's fears are, do your best to address them calmly.

If your child has separation anxiety, consider buying a new board game or new pajamas for the sleepover. Something new and special may raise your child's excitement. Also, let your child know that it's okay if he or she wants to come home. Simply knowing this can relieve a lot of your child's anxiety.


Packing for a sleepover doesn't have to be difficult. You can simply buy a kid's quilted backpack and fill it with most of the overnight essentials. Inside your kid's quilted backpack put:

  • A toothbrush
  • An extra set of clothes, including underwear and socks
  • Pajamas
  • Any item that your child sleeps with every night, such as a stuffed animal or a doll
  • Pillow

Additionally, you should place a few toys and snacks in your child's backpack so he or she has something to do if the other kids fall asleep first or don't wake up as early. Supplies for activities that your child can do quietly, such as coloring or drawing, are good options. If your child has electronic devices, such as a tablet or a phone, that occupy him or her, you can put them in the backpack as well. Also, unless the other parents say otherwise, you should send a blanket or sleeping bag with your child.

Preparing your child for his or her first sleepover before the date gives you both piece of mind. Your child will be more comfortable knowing what to expect, and you can rest assured because your little one will know how to handle any situations that may arise during the sleepover.